Whether you created a research paper, a diorama, a model, a video or wrote a speech, you may need to present in some format to your classmates.

It may be a complete speech, an explanation of the process of creating your model, or just an introduction to your video.  No matter which one, practice, practice, practice.

PVLEGS is a list of helpful points to keep in mind when presenting:

P – POISE – appear calm and confident; avoid distracting behaviors

V – VOICE – speak every word clearly; use just the right volume for the space

L – LIFE – express passion and emotion with your voice

E – EYE CONTACT – connect visually with the audience; look at each audience member

G – GESTURES – hand motions; move your body; have an expressive face

S – SPEED – talk with appropriate speed—not too slow, not too fast; use pauses for effect and emphasis

(Used with permission from Erik Palmer. Visit for more information.)


Practice your presentation in front of someone, and use this rubric to assess yourself.

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Now that you have presented your project, it is time to go to the next step of the OSLIS research process: Reflect.

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