How to Credit Publishers

“The publisher is the organization primarily responsible for producing the source or making it available to the public” (p. 40).

Listing the Publisher’s Name (p. 97)

Write the publishers’ names in full, with the following exceptions:

  • Omit business words like Company (Co.), Corporation (Corp.), Incorporated (Inc.), and Limited (Ltd.).
  • Academic presses (related to universities): Replace University Press with UP, or if they are separated by other words or appear alone, replace them with U and P. (e.g., Harvard UP, U of Chicago P, MIT P.) When Press is part of the publisher's name and the press is not associated with a university, keep Press in the name. 

More Than One Publisher (pp. 40-41)

  • If the two or more named organizations seem equally responsible for the work, cite them with a forward slash (/) separating them.
  • If one of the organizations had primary responsibility, cite just that one organization.

Films and Television Series are often produced and distributed by several companies performing different tasks…Cite the organization that had the primary overall responsibility for it” (p. 41).

“A Blog network may be considered the publisher of the blogs it hosts” (p. 41).

When an Organization is Both the Author and the Publisher  (p. 25)

  • Do not list the organization as Author—leave it blank, and instead begin with the Title.
  • List the organization as the Publisher.

Omit the Publisher When the Source Is: (p. 42)

  • A Periodical (journal, magazine, newspaper)
  • Self-published, which is a work published by its author or editor
  • A Web site whose title is essentially the same as the name of its publisher
  • A Web site not involved in producing the works it makes available (e.g., a service for users’ content like WordPress or YouTube; an archive like JSTOR or ProQuest). These may be cited as a container.




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