OSLIS for Secondary Students (Middle & High School)

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OSLIS is a project of the Oregon Association of School Libraries in partnership with the State Library of Oregon
and is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through a LSTA grant.

Educator Content

Student vs. Educator Pages

  • When exploring OSLIS as an educator, we recommend using the educator version so you see any relevant content for library staff and other educators. When using OSLIS with students, use the student version so they are not distracted by irrelevant content. 
  • There are two parts to each Educator page:
    • Everything above the text that says Educator Content is exactly the same as what displays on the corresponding Student page.
    • Anything below the Educator Content text is material for educators that supports the Student page above it.
  • Use the Switch Site tool at the top of the page to easily switch from one version to another. Tip: If you started exploring by using the student version and you wonder if there is any related content for educators for the page you are on, add educator. to the URL.
    Example: www.secondary.oslis/find-information becomes www.secondary.educator.oslis/find-information  

Resources about OSLIS

  • Explore the resources on the About and Support pages to learn about the history of OSLIS, database access, the OSLIST listserv, and more.
  • This document explains how to use the site's translation tool. Feel free to share the document with students and staff. 

Professional Resources

  • Click on the icon to find information about copyright, intellectual freedom, and more.

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