OSLIS for Secondary Students (Middle & High School)

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OSLIS is a project of the Oregon Association of School Libraries in partnership with the State Library of Oregon
and is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through a LSTA grant.

Educator Content

Student vs. Educator Content
  • Every OSLIS page has an Educator Content section at the bottom.
    • Anything below the Educator Content heading is content for library staff and other educators that supports or relates to the student-focused content above it.
    • Every page has an Educator Content section, but not all Educator Content sections have content. Therefore, a note by the toggle indicates when there is no content. This is an example of a page with a note about no educator content. 
    • When exploring OSLIS as an educator, we recommend toggling open the Educator Content section at the bottom of the page to access any relevant content for library staff and other educators, when there is no note to indicate that there is not content in the Educator Content section. 
  • If you want to share an OSLIS page with students but do not want them to have access to the Educator Content section, share the "student view" URL located at the top of every Educator Content section.
    • A "student view" version of a page includes "/student_view" (no quotes) at the end of the URL that is in the address bar at the top of the original page. The "student view" version of the page will not display the Educator Content section. 
    • Sharing a "student view" URL may be the preference when you share a video tutorial found in the Learn to Research section of OSLIS because the Educator Content section of most video tutorial pages contains a quiz and answer key for each video.
  • Use the Switch Site tool at the top of any page to easily switch between the elementary and secondary versions of OSLIS. This may be most useful for K-8 and district librarians.

Resources about OSLIS

  • Explore the resources on the About and Support pages to learn about the history of OSLIS, database access, the OSLIST listserv, and more.
  • This document explains how to use the site's translation tool. Feel free to share the document with students and staff. 

Professional Resources

  • Click on the icon to find information about copyright, intellectual freedom, and more.

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