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Click on the resource (source type) you want to cite from the yellow box on the right. If you need directions, see below.

* Note: Not all source types are included in Citation Maker. If necessary, adapt an existing one and always check the Publication Manual of the APA for specific examples.

To create a citation, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the resource (source type) you want to cite from the yellow box on the right. If a template does not appear, you might need to allow pop-ups from your browser.

  2. Complete the template form with information from your source. Only fill in the boxes that apply with information that is available.

  3. When you are done filling out the form, click "Create Citation Below." Your citations will appear below the template in the dotted box.

  4. Continue this process for each of your sources. You may enter multiple citations without losing the previous ones.

  5. When you have entered all of your citations, sort them into the required alphabetical order by clicking on "Sort All." If your citation begins with quotation marks, manually move that citation from the beginning of the list to its proper alphabetical spot.

  6. After sorting, save your citations. You have three options:

    • Use "Copy All" to copy and paste the citations into a word processing document that you print or save. Note that you will lose some formatting with this option.

    • Use "Save in Word" to open Microsoft Word and save your citations as a Word document.

    • Use "Save to Google Docs" to save your citations as an Open Office document in your Google account.

  7. Once you paste your list into your own document, correct these things as necessary:

    • Capitalize in titles the first word, the first word after a colon or dash, and proper nouns.

    • Double space the list, both between citations and within them.

    • When a citation has more than one line, use a hanging indent. To do this, indent the second line and every line thereafter, to the right five spaces.

    • Alphabetize the entire list by the first word of each citation. This may be the author's last name or the first word in a title.

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Before you exit Citation Maker, be sure to save your work by using "Copy All" or
"Save in Word" or "Save to Google Docs."

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