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Educators: Go to the educator site to access a quiz for this video. The quiz is available in Google Forms, fillable PDF, or Word.



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This video is also available on TeacherTube.

A quiz is available in three formats: self-grading Google Formsfillable PDF, or Word document.

Answer Key Word   PDF

Quick Start for Using the Google Forms Quiz 
The Google Forms quiz is set up to be used as a post-test. After students finish the quiz, they will receive an email that shows the quiz questions, their responses, the correct answers, and their scores. To use the quiz as is, click on the Google Forms link above, and follow the prompt to make a copy of the quiz. Open your copy of the quiz, click on "Send" near the top right, and click on the link icon. Copy the URL and share it with students, which could mean pasting it into an online assignment or into a learning management system like Google Classroom. For more information, including how to use the quiz as a pre-test, see the "How to" documents below.  

Detailed Instructions for Using the Google Forms Quiz
How to Use the Google Forms Quiz as a Pre-Test & Post-Test (WordPDF)
How to Incorporate the Quiz into Google Classroom (WordPDF)