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Help with Projection Devices

Basic Troubleshooting for Projection Devices


To help control the OSLIS user interface, a maximum and minimum screen width were implemented. This works well for all browsers except Internet Explorer, which does not always properly support the code. This becomes especially apparent or problematic when you are using a projector to display OSLIS. If you see problems with the OSLIS user interface when it is displayed through a projector, try any of the following:

  • Click the browser window's maximize button twice, or change the size of the window (using the bottom right corner) when the window is smaller than the maximum size.
  • Ensure that your projector (and/or the computer it is attached to) is set to a screen resolution of at least 800 X 600 but preferably greater.
  • Try using a different browser.  Firefox tends to work well with OSLIS.