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October 3, 2016

9 New Information Literacy eBooks (inc. MARC Records) Added to OSLIS


Thanks to the generosity of the Oregon LSTA grant program, we were able to purchase 9 additional Cherry Lake information literacy eBooks for OSLISThe new eBooks are aimed at elementary and middle school, but older students may benefit from the content, too. These are the titles:

    • Choose It! Finding the Right Research Topic
    • Watch It! Researching with Videos
    • Take Note! Taking and Organizing Notes
    • Review It! Helping Peers Create Their Best Work
    • Present It! Creating and Sharing a Slide Show
    • Speak Up! Giving an Oral Presentation 
    • Maintaining a Positive Digital Footprint
    • Mind Your Manners Online
    • Play It Safe Online

Recall that besides accessing the eBooks in the Learn to Research section of OSLIS, you can download the MARC records to your library catalog. The files are in the Information Literacy eBooks folder in the OSLIS Digital Repository ( URL). The folder is item number 11. One file has the MARC records for just the 9 new titles. The other file has the records for all 34 eBooks. See the previous announcement for more details about the MARC records. Book cover images are also included in case some do not load properly when you add the MARC records to your system.
In that same folder is an FAQ, and it has links to master lists of the eBooks. One version is sorted alphabetically, and the other is organized by the steps of the research process. 
As always, if you need the login or have questions, please ask. Or, ask in person at the OSLIS session at the OASL Fall Conference on Oct. 14th and 15th. 

Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
Oregon State Library