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November 21, 2014

Content from 63 ebooks Added to Kids InfoBits

Kids InfoBits now has content from The Britannica Elementary Collection. These 63 new ebook titles are geared toward lower elementary students (K-2), and they have lots of images and simple text. There is also content from other ebook series in Kids InfoBits.

The ebook content is broken down to the article level and covers a wide range of subjects, as indicated by the representative list below. Most of the books are copyrighted 2013 with a few dated 2008. To see a full list of the ebook titles, browse the Reference Titles list for Kids Infobits.

The attached document offers tips for finding content from the new ebooks.

This bookmark leads to the content from the book, Ants. If prompted to log in, use your Gale username and password. Or, use just the password if there is only one text box.

Partial list of new ebooks:
Animal Adaptations
Creeping Crawlers  
Day and Night
Earth's Changing Surface  
Even or Odd?  
Location Words: Around and Through
Measuring: Seconds, Minutes, and Hours  
One Land, Many Cultures  
Science Safety Rules  
The Statue of Liberty  
What Is It Made of?  

Zap! It's Electricity

Questions? Please ask.


Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
Oregon State Library