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February 21, 2014

Ebooks within Gale Databases

Ebooks, ebooks, ebooks. If people aren’t talking about Common Core, they’re talking about ebooks. Well, that and a few other things. :-)

Here’s a friendly reminder that the Gale databases that you have access to via OSLIS are chock-full of ebooks. Yes siree, Bob. Chock-full. The obvious database is Gale Virtual Reference Library, known as GVRL, which is Gale’s platform for delivering ebooks. As part of the statewide contract, we have over 30 reference ebooks in GVRL. Plus, and only via OSLIS, you have access to 5 additional titles that Oregon public and academic libraries do not.

Besides GVRL, ebook content is generously sprinkled throughout the Gale databases. The ebooks may not look like books, but don’t judge them by their lack of covers. ;-) All the content is divided into articles and comes up in your searches. Want to know which databases have content from which ebooks? Check out the database title lists. The databases are listed in alphabetical order, and for each there is a spreadsheet that lists all of the periodicals titles and all of the reference books, when there are any of the latter, which is often. For example, Student Resources in Context has econtent from 140 reference books! A sampling of those titles include Exploring Novels, Exploring Poetry, Encyclopedia of Endangered Species, Gale Encyclopedia of World History: War, Newsmakers, and UXL Science.

Need a refresher on how to use the databases? Besides playing around with them on your own, you can view a short tutorial, sign up for a free webinar, or watch an archived webinar. Or, contact me, and I’ll point you in the right direction.

One final thought. This is not a secret. Spread the word. Share the elove. :-)


P.S. There are so many ways to write “ebook.” There’s ebook. eBook. E-book. Etc. I finally settled on ebook. For now.


Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
Oregon State Library