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September 8, 2009

Information Literacy Resources in OSLIS (= Learn How to Do Research tab)


Here are some tips about the information literacy lessons and resources found in OSLIS.  As you know by now, to access them you choose the most relevant version (elementary student, for example) and then click on Learn How to Do Research.  The directions below will make more sense if you are able to try them as you read.

Navigation Tabs
From the Learn How to Do Research landing page, you see the linked images representing the steps in the research process.  Elementary has 4, and secondary was condensed from 8 to 6.  Once you click on any of the steps, you can navigate to other steps by using the second tier navigation tabs towards the top in the colored bar. 

Explore Box
The information within the info lit steps has been reorganized.  In the former version of OSLIS, users clicked on the Next links to advance through all the sub-steps of a step in the research process.  Now, when you click on a step, it opens to an introductory page of sorts.  To advance through the sub-steps, use the links in the box labeled Explore found on the top right of the page.  If there is no Explore box, there are no sub-steps.  For example, the information provided in the Reflect step for secondary students is brief enough not to warrant any sub-steps; therefore, there is no Explore box on that page.

Searching on OSLIS
If you are looking for something on OSLIS, you can use the search box in the top right corner.  However, first navigate to the most relevant version, and then do your search.  For example, the web detective / evaluating web information lesson is very popular.  If you search for it from the elementary student skin, it will bring up the K-5 version.  If you search for it from the secondary student skin, it will bring up the version for grades 6-12.  If you search for it from the secondary educator skin, it will bring up the version for grades 6-12 with teacher content at the bottom (assuming there is any).

Known Problems
We know there are some problems in the information literacy section.  A few relate to getting content to display only in certain versions / skins.  One example is clicking on a link only to be directed to a login screen asking for your password.  You should not need a password for any of the info lit resources.  As you run into problems, report them, but also know that we are already working to correct known problems.  We decided to go live with a version that has a few kinks instead of waiting another month or so to work out the few problems.

Reporting Problems
To report a problem on a specific page in OSLIS, click the Feedback link at the top of that page.  The form that opens will include the URL to that page, making it easier for us to know where to look to replicate the problem you are reporting.  Or, you are welcome to report the problem by sending me an email directly.


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