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September 4, 2009

Access to Gale Databases // Basics to Share w/ Others


Here’s some information about accessing the Gale databases through OSLIS.  By now you know to first choose the relevant version/skin of OSLIS (secondary student, for example) and then click on Find Information.

Automatic Authentication (from School)
If your school or district’s IP address was on file with EBSCO, Gale now has that information.  That means that if you were automatically logged into EBSCO when accessing it from school, that should still be the case for the Gale links.  If you used to gain access without having to log in but now you have to log in, let me know.  If you have always had to log in from school, you can send me your IP address/range, and I’ll forward the info to Gale.

Remote Access (When Away from School)
To access Gale when away from school, do not click on Log in to My Stuff.  You will be prompted for a user name & password once you click on one of the Gale database links.  For about 90% of you, your user name stayed the same.  For the other 10%, your user name was already in use by another school or district so Gale had to change it.  I’ve been working with Gale reps to correct user name problems, and they said they would be done by the end of business on Tuesday.  Once we verify that new user names are working correctly, I will notify those of you who have a new user name.

Test Your User Name
If you have automatic authentication at school, take a minute to test your remote access user name from home.  (Log into OSLIS, click on any version/skin, click on Find Information, click on any of the Gale database links)  If you always have to log into Gale from school, you can test your user name there.  Notice the name it logs you in as.  If you are a private or charter school, it should identify your school.  Otherwise, it should identify your district.  ESDs should be identified as such.  If you have any problems getting in, let me know.  Include the error message that you receive (user account expired; user password denied, etc.).

Share the OSLIS Basics Document
After you have verified that your Gale user name works, consider adding it to the attached OSLIS Basics document (2nd page) and sharing it with teachers, administrators, and staff in your school or district.  It reviews how to navigate OSLIS and how to access Gale from school and from home.  Remember that it’s okay to share the Gale user name & password via email or in print, but you cannot post it online.

Let me know if you have any questions.


PS—Some people have reported getting double OSLIST messages.  I have reported the problem to the group that oversees this listserv.

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