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October 5, 2009

MLA Citation Maker Updating to 7th Edition Guidelines


In April, MLA came out with the 7th edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.  Changes were extensive and affected all MLA templates on Citation Maker, many in multiple ways.  Marlene Hagen at Centennial High School in Gresham and Mary McClintock at Roseburg High School put in MANY hours this summer working with a programmer and me to update the templates.  We will go live with the new version this evening (Monday).  One sure way to know the update was successful is that the note at the top of the MLA templates will read, “Based on 7th edition.”

For a list of the major changes, click the What Will be Different link from any City My Sources page.




While updating to meet the 7th edition requirements of MLA, we expanded a few of the templates.  Based on numerous questions received in the past, we modified the encyclopedia template so it works with other reference works, too.  The sound templates and the ones for Internet video and image were also expanded.  These templates do not accommodate every possible source and exception, but they now allow for many more scenarios.

Finally, the MLA and APA landing pages have been updated as well.  The instructions in the beige box are simplified, and users can access the general or step-by-step instructions by clicking on the links under the orange dotted citation box from any template.  Citation resources like examples and worksheets are now stored in OSLIS instead of in Citation Maker, which allows content editors vs. a paid programmer to make updates as needed.  There’s a Citation Resources link at the bottom of the yellow Source box from all templates.  Note that the MLA resources are still being updated.  Also, the Save All function has been renamed Copy All to more accurately reflect what it does.

APA updated to the 6th edition of their handbook this summer.  The OSLIS committee will need to decide if we want to update the APA templates.  If yes, we will work on them next summer.

I think that covers the biggies.  Thanks again to Mary and Marlene for all of their hard work. 


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