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October 1, 2009

Problems with Internet Explorer and Gale/OSLIS


Lately I’ve heard from several people about problems with Gale while using Internet Explorer.  The problems include things like the following:

  • not seeing the text of the article that was opened
  • not getting a bottom scroll bar which means you can’t see some of the text on the right side of the screen
  • not being able to switch among results tabs (Results usually sort into categories.  The results in the first tab display as they should; the others, like Academic Journals and Multimedia, lead to an error message.)
  • getting a message about being timed out of the session
  • getting a message about needing to log in again

Please don’t be discouraged.  So far all problems have been resolved by opening the Gale database in a new window before doing a search.  See the bolded step below:

            Go to

            Choose a relevant level.

            Click on Find Information.

            Click on any of the Gale links.

            Click on the link called "Open this resource in a new window."  (Towards the top left, just under "Switch Sites")

            Do a search (or log in first and then do a search).

Another solution is to use Firefox if it’s available to you.  To date, no one has reported a Gale/Firefox problem to me.

We are asking our paid programmer to look into this, but so far no solutions beyond the one listed above have been identified.

When you report technical problems, please include the name and version of the browser you are using.  Not sure about the version?  Once the browser is open, click on Help in the toolbar at the top.  Then click on About Mozilla Firefox or About Internet Explorer. 


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