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November 9, 2009

Gale K12 Database Relationships and Comparisons


Hopefully you have had time to get to know the Gale databases.  If so, you might have questions about when to use one over another with students since six databases are specifically designed for K12 learners.  Basically, Kids InfoBits stands alone and is geared for K-5.  These five databases are geared towards middle and high schoolers:  Junior Reference Collection, Discovering Collection, InfoTrac Junior, InfoTrac Student, and Student Resource Center Gold.  While each of these five databases stands alone, many are included in other databases. 

The two attachments explain the relationships and features of the databases aimed at K12.  For example, you’ll learn that if you just want a limited number of reference sources for middle schoolers, start with Junior Reference Collection.  However, if you want that and content from periodicals, use InfoTrac Junior.  If a student can manage a large number of results, use Student Resource Center Gold.

The information in the attachments can also be found in the teacher content areas of both educator Find Information pages on OSLIS.  Click on either link and scroll to the very bottom of the page.




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