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November 23, 2009

Recorded Gale Webinar Now Available Online


Recently Kurt Stovall, our Gale trainer, offered a 1-hour webinar to introduce us to the databases we have through the statewide contract and to review some of the very basic features of the database interfaces.  There were several sessions, and one of those was recorded.  That recorded webinar is now available online at

If you participated in an online Gale webinar or an on-site Gale training, you will already know the information in this recorded webinar.  If you have not had any training or “play time” with the databases, you will likely find this webinar useful as a general introduction.

Here are some viewing tips:

  • During the brief intro, there is only audio.  That means you will see a black screen for the first 45 seconds. 
  • The video toolbar will fade away after a few seconds.  To access it, hover your mouse over the bottom fifth of the video screen.
  • To view the webinar in full screen mode, click on the box-within-a-box icon on the far right of the video toolbar.  (Note that the text will be slightly fuzzy if you choose that option.)

Motion Box has given permission for OSL to upload the video.  We have a limited number of views per month, so please do not use advertise this link to every teacher in your school.  Instead, offer it to teachers who express an interest in learning more about Gale, if you don’t train them yourself.  We did not choose YouTube because many school districts block that site.  TeacherTube’s playback quality was poor -- the audio and video portions did not align.


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