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April 27, 2009

Sharing now works.

Hi OSLIS-ers,

The feature on OSLIS 2.0 that enables one user to share saved work with another user now works.  This will be helpful for students who are working together on a project. 

To save work on OSLIS, users need to sign up for the optional My Stuff folder.  To do this, click on Register on the right in the green or yellow bar at the top of most OSLIS pages.  Users will choose a personal user name and password, which is different from those for EBSCO and which they will have to remember.  Once registered, users need to log in to access the My Stuff folder.  To do that, click on Log In, next to Register in the same green or yellow bar at the top of most OSLIS pages.

To share saved work on OSLIS, users need to log in, click on My Stuff, click on Sharing, and give sharing permission to the appropriate user/s.  The process for sharing saved work with another OSLIS user is similar to how one shares saved items in Google Docs.  For detailed instructions, consult the new Sharing Help page.  A link to this page is available at all times when a user is logged into the sharing tab of his/her My Stuff folder.

If you have not explored the My Stuff folder yet, then this might seem very foreign to you.  As you learn about My Stuff and Sharing, know that related tutorials can be found in the Teaching Support folder on OSLIS, next school year we will offer training on these topics, and you can always email or call me for help.


Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
Library Development, Oregon State Library