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Graphic Organizers

Gathering and Organizing Information


Graphic Organizers

Using graphic organizers will reduce the time in synthesizing your information. In the examples below, the topic is Oregon's endangered species.


What do we know?

There are several endangered species in Oregon.

What do we want to find out?

How many are there?
What are the different types?
Where are they located?
When did they become endangered?

 How can we find out what we want to learn?

Search the Oregonian for articles.
Search the library catalog.
 What did we learn?


There are dozens of ways to organize your information as you locate it. It's important to start with a plan for organizing

the information as soon as you start reading.

As you read, you will quickly see how the information is organized in the text you are reading.

The following are some examples of different ways to organize the same information.