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Search Strategies

Search Strategies to Help You Find What You Need


Becoming an effective researcher means that you will be able to find what you need more quickly and that what you find will be more thorough and matched to what you actually need.

There are many ways to get to "the good stuff" and the How-To's in this section will help you learn how to use what is out there more effectively.

Do you need to:                                  Choose this How-To:      

  • Find books in the library?                               Dewey Decimal System  
  • Select the right resources?                            Locating the Right Reference Tools   
  • Learn to do a better search electronically?    Electronic Search Strategies      

Resources: Plan

Information Literacy eBooks listed by Research Step

Information Literacy eBooks alphabetical list

Research Videos alphabetical list

Research Videos listed by Research Step

Online Research Planner (worksheet)

Research Process Reflection (guide)

Research Process Rubric (guide)