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Define: Essential Question

Essential Questions

Essential questions are not "what is" questions. Essential questions ask you to make a decision or choose among various plans, strategies, or courses of action. Instead of asking, "What is acid rain?" you might ask, "How does acid rain affect air quality and how can those effects be changed?"


Did your teacher provide a checklist or rubric?

Did your teacher define the project?

If your teacher did not define the project or give you a topic, you need to create a research question.

  1.      What is your general topic?
  2.      What is a narrower term?
  3.      What is a broader term?
  4.      What do you want to find out?
  5.      Will your answer be best presented in compare/contrast, chronological, or analysis format?


     1. Type of sources



    2.  Authority (What does authority mean?)

    3.  Final format

          APA or MLA

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